Final Working From Home

Working From Home (Final Edition 2016)

Choose one of the following tasks to complete by next Friday (note the change in date) afternoon:
1. Create a presentation on someone else (from our class, from your family, from your friendship group, someone famous… the choice is endless!)
2. Make a short (less than 5 minutes) film.
3. Wear all of your clothing backwards for 24 hours.
4. Read a book (a whole book, not just a little bit of a book).
5. Create a stop-motion video of your time so far in Kererū Block.
6. Write a song. You can choose to present this to the class or have someone else present for you. (Parodies are always welcome, even encouraged)
7. Come up with an amazing idea for our Hui next Tuesday – think Flash Mob… extravaganza… WOW…

How Dyslexia Can Feel

We looked at this site today, and discussed how it can feel for some people with Dyslexia to read.


  • ‘It’s harder.’
  • ‘The letters can move around a lot.’
  • ‘The letters can flip or scramble.’
  • ‘It’s harder to focus on one thing because the letters move around.’
  • ‘Some of us with different learning needs actually found the site quite easy to decipher.’
  • ‘It made my eyes hurt.’
  • ‘I got a headache.’

What are your thoughts?  Please comment below!

Buddy Time!

We hang out with our buddy class, Room 32, every couple of weeks.  So far we’ve read together, played simple games, completed some art work and enjoyed getting to know one another.

This afternoon we’ll be discovering some fun, interactive sites to help our younger buddies gain more confidence in their ability to add and subtract.  We’ll be using this website: FUN GAMES.

Perhaps some younger siblings would also enjoy using these sites?!

My Avatar

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.52.18 AM

Here’s my avatar for the blogging challenge.

I chose the various aspects of my avatar as such:

  • Red hair similar to mine.
  • Superwoman crown… surely that’s obvious?!
  • Superhero cape… again most teachers are some type of superhero…
  • Coffee/Tea – got to love me a good cuppa.
  • iPhone – almost attached to me!
  • Wheel on fire… just liked it, and it added a bit of Rock n Roll that I liked.
  • Sunglasses – when not wearing glasses for my poorly visioned eyes, I love a good pair of sunglasses to complete ‘the look!’

Ultimate Challenge!

Today the Y7/8s met their teams properly for the first time, to discuss team names, get to know each other and have some fun together!  It was great watching the older students mentoring the younger students, helping to make team decisions while remaining sympathetic to the needs of others in the team.

‘Wow your job is actually quite hard Ms Newton.  How do you make it look so easy?’ – possibly best quote of the day.

Favourite Quote/s

Well done – you’ve visited our class blog!

Now for your very first blog task – what is your favourite quote? Perhaps you have more than one!

Here are a couple of Dr Seuss quotes that I love:


“How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?”

My family also has a motto, ‘Toujours pret,’ which means ‘Always ready.’ I like this as it can mean I’m ready for anything – good or bad – I will always be prepared.

So – have a think about a quote that means something to you. Be prepared to share it on Wednesday when we meet as a group for the first time.  I’d like you to share your quote, and the reason why you chose it. I’m looking forward to it!

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